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The Andeen-Hagerling bridges include both a GPIB (IEEE-488, 1978) interface and a serial (RS-232) interface to allow connection to an instrument bus.  Users may intgrate the bridge into a computer system via either interface and configure the system with LabVIEW, a product of National Instruments.  (This is also possible with the RS-232 interface.)  The LabVIEW program defines but does not include a virtual instrument driver, the software LabVIEW needs to communicate with the Andeen-Hagerling bridges.   Such "virtual instrument" drivers or "vi's" are available for three bridge models.  The AH2500A driver was kindly contributed by one of our customers.  No tehcnical support is offered for this driver.  Limited support for the AH 2550A and AH 2700A drivers may be available from Andeen-Hagerling.

Downloadable files on this page are in the public domain and are provided as is, free of charge and without support obligation by the authors and Andeen-Hagerling.

If you wish to contribute LabVIEW drivers or improvements, please e-mail to mgray@andeen-hagerling.com

Drivers for previous versions of LabVIEW may be available upon request.  E-mail mgray@andeen-hagerling.com for more information.

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